2022 Jogathon


On Wednesday, October 5, 2022, our students will be participating in the Riviera Hall Lutheran School Jogathon. Students have twenty minutes to complete as many laps as possible around the Jogathon course set up at our school / El Retiro Park. The funds collected will go to Riviera Hall's athletic program, and so much more. Students are asked to find sponsors who will make a donation towards the jog.  The student who raises the most money will win a gift certificate and lunch of their choice with Coach King!

Share this page with friends and family and ask them to help!


9:30 AM Preschool-TK will run on the playground at RHLS

9:45 AM Kindergarten-1st will run on the playground at RHLS

10:00 AM 2nd-8th  will walk to El Retiro Park

10:30 AM All grades will run together

11:00 AM Students will have lunch with their buddy in the park


8th & 7th with 3rd

6th with 2nd

5th with 4th

Volunteers Needed:

Preschool-1st grade volunteers need to report to the playground at RHLS at 9:15 AM
2nd-8th grade volunteers need to report to El Retiro Park by 10:00 AM

All volunteers need to sign up on MembershipToolKit.
Volunteers Click Here

How it works:
You can make a flat donation or make a pledge per lap. All donations are due by Friday, October 10, 2022, and can be paid by sending a check to the School Office or with a credit card by clicking on the button below.
Donate Now!


Pledge Sheet:
Please print if you are planning to do pledge per lap. Pledge forms need to be returned to the School Office by October 10, 2022.

Sponsor Name Phone Number Pledge per Lap (or) Flat Donation Total Amount

Grand Total $_____________

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