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2017-2018 Gala

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2016-2017 Gala

Thank you to everyone who was able to attend the Roaring Twenties Bootlegger's Ball!  What great energy and so much love for our school.  We wanted to take a minute to thank the many volunteers that made the night a HUGE success.  Not only did we raise funds for our little school by the sea but we had a great night celebrating as a school family.
A special shout out to the PVO Board. Jenn Ferreyra, Liz Edmunds, Maureen Ortega, Denise Burns, Michelle Granville, Jenny Winters, Lisa Evans, Krista Shortill, and Lesley Contreras. These ladies have been such a blessing to the school.  Not only did they help to make the Gala a success by pitching in with their many talents but they have kept all the PVO events running smoothly all year long thanks to their countless hours of volunteering! Thank you so much for all you have done for the Gala and for our school this year!
A huge thank you to Marcie Barrett and Alina Nadsady.  Most people could not guess the sleepless nights these ladies endured to make the event happen. These ladies did all the sneaky behind the scenes work that made the night run seamlessly.  They knew just how to get us to dig into our pockets for the school.  Great packages + easy to use program=Crazy Bidding! Big win for all!
Thank you to the room moms for Collecting funds, getting class projects together, raffle baskets assembled and promoting the event.  Please thank your room mom for all they've done behind the scenes this year. Thank you to army of volunteers who set up, decorated, collected donations, donated items, and overall willingness to help. Thank you to Larissa Boyle, Heather Croake, Jinny Quinones,Danielle Perry, Laura Felix, Stephanie D'Nelly, Lisa Boyle, Kali Murphy, Katie Baad, Mary and Jose Chinchilla, Julie Silberman, Kris Kenneth, Jenny Kaats, Sorenson Family, Dorian Theberge, Ginger Sauter, Alison Butterfield and Shaun Brown, Cris Bennett, Andrea Niemi, Megan Johnson, Joanna Delany, Karl and Victoria Ziegler, Morris Family, Paterson Family, Zen Hampel, McAlister Family, Grace Lee, and Rodica Gudea.
Thanks to all the teachers and staff for your donations of experiences.  These priceless donations mean so much to us as a school family.
Finally thank you to our sponsors, Esplanade, C.W. Howe, Property Prep and Pritzkat and Johnson.  These are all school families who believed in the PVO and supported us financially.  Please make sure to thank them and support their businesses when you can.
It's amazing the community that came together to make this event one for the memory books.  It's one of the things that makes RHLS so special and a reminder of how truly blessed we are.
With deep gratitude,
Kelly McCabe and Melanie Trattner
P.S. Stay tuned for details about next year's Gala!


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