5th Grade

 Welcome to the Fabulous Fifth Grade!

Fifth grade at RHLS is an exciting year academically and socially. The students learn about our great country's history and the thrilling American Revolutionary War. In the Spring, the students dress up as characters and reenact scenes from history as they learn about the conflicts between the Patriots and Britain. Students also enjoy this year's selection of novels: Bridge to Terabithia, Number the Stars, and Sign of the Beaver. These three award winning novels feature characters who are similar in age to our students. Each character is faced with a challenge that requires them to be courageous and handle the situation on their own. In our class, learning is fun! We find many ways to make learning exciting and sometimes we go off campus to learn in different environments. At the end of the year, our class travels to Crestline for a four day, outdoor science camp. Students hike, sing, problem solve, play games, climb a rock wall, and do archery. It is awesome!

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