Mission & Philosophy

Our Mission

 Riviera Hall Lutheran School provides students with a Christ-centered experience which focuses on building character, integrity, community and academic success in a positive and nurturing environment.

Our Philosophy and Core Values

Our academic program empowers our students at every grade level, building the foundation for a successful school experience by providing a dynamic curriculum and instilling a fundamental work ethic. We firmly believe that the experience students receive at RHLS will not only enhance their intellectual potential, but will instill in them the moral character to become proactive citizens in today’s society. As a ministry of Resurrection Lutheran Church, our mission is actively supported by the members of the congregation who stand with the faculty and staff to ensure that our students achieve academic success and spiritual growth. This partnership is based on the Lutheran belief that educating our children is a vital element of our commitment to Jesus Christ and the Great Commission (Matthew 28:19).

Our dedicated faculty and staff seek to inspire students to pursue and value spiritual growth and academic excellence. We foster an environment where students can freely develop a personal relationship with God in Christ, and in which individual and social responsibility are founded upon Christian values. Embracing the whole child, RHLS curriculum affirms and recognizes the unique talents and gifts of each of its students, and challenges them to achieve their highest potential. Through local and international outreach programs, RHLS students practice Christian values, while learning the responsibilities they share as members of the global community. Our high standards for character, integrity and achievement are realized through the partnership of family, school and church.

Students are provided with a solid educational foundation. Building upon this foundation laid by each grade level, concepts of positive social interaction, problem solving, creative expression, sound study skills and high achievement are consistently reinforced throughout the school experience. The faculty is committed to cultivating independent learners who can use their individual strengths and confidence to become involved and aware citizens.

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