Spring Gala

2018-2019 Gala

Thank you RHLS families and friends who were able to attend the Royal Derby & Auction this year.  What an exciting evening!  With all the love and support we received, we were able to celebrate a memorable evening and raise funds for our lovely little school by the sea!

Thank you to the PVO Board for all you’ve done with the gala and the school this year!  A special thank you to Larissa Boyle, Karen Krause, and Marcie Barrett for your undivided attention to a magical evening with the gala.  We truly appreciate all your time and hard work.  Thank you to the room parents and many volunteers who had a hand in helping make another successful gala!  From gala baskets to collecting donations, we could not have done it without you!

Thank you Julie Jacks and the church council for your support this year; especially with the gala.  We appreciate all that you’ve helped us with for another successful school year!

To all RHLS teachers and staff, thank you so much for your donations and all that you do for our children and school.  It takes a special heart to work at a school and we are truly blessed to have yours.

A final BIG thank you to our generous sponsors and donors who helped make this Royal Derby possible; Esplanade, Law Office of Karen Krause, Good Stuff Restaurant, Ambassador High School, Kaats Family, Enouvation, Morris Family, Boyle Family, Mattucci Plumbing, Burford Beach Homes, Pritzkat & Johnson Architect, Athena Paquette, Claire & Brandon Lee, and the Oh Family.  These sponsors and donors are also school families and we are truly grateful for their generosity.

Thank you once again for your continued love and support for the school and PVO.  We are truly blessed to have such amazing families!

With love and gratitude,

Kelly McCabe and Maureen Ortega

P.S.  Save the Date!  Next year’s gala will be on March 21, 2020.

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