Welcome to Riviera Hall’s STEM Program!

Our STEM Program is designed to teach hands on project based activities from TK- 8th Grade.  PLTW (Project Lead The Way) Launch is our elementary school program which is intended to spark a lifelong passion for math, science, engineering, physics, design, creativity, and discovery.  We will use a series of topic-based modules where our students will learn to be critical thinkers through collaboration, analysis, problem solving, and computational thinking.  We will use technology, robotics, and everyday materials to explore topics such as energy, light and sound, motion and stability, and gravity.

I will post what our future designers and engineers are doing in STEM on their class pages linked below.

Bill Ungar
STEM Teacher

Meet the Stem Teacher

TK and Kindergarten - Structure and Function

Pushes and Pulls

TK Stem Page 

Kindergarten Stem Page

1st Grade – Light and Sound

Light and Sound Light

Observing Earth, Sun, Moon, and Stars

1st Grade Stem Page

2nd Grade – Materials Science

Properties of Matter

Form and Function

2nd Grade Stem Page

3rd Grade – Stability and Motion

Science of Flight

Forces and Interactions

3rd Grade Stem Page

4th Grade – Energy



4th Grade Stem Page

5th Grade – Robotics and Automation

Robotics and Automation

5th Grade Stem Page

Middle School STEM Elective

Middle School STEM Electives offered each trimester, focus on a different STEM theme or subject matter such as Robotics, Invention Workshop, The Science of Flight, Underwater Vehicles, etc. These electives are all about teaching middle schoolers how to think like designers and engineers, exposing them to new technologies, and providing them an environment to use their imagination and creativity!

Middle School STEM - Projects

6th Grade

Energy and the Environment

Inventor’s Expo

6th Grade Stem Page

7th & 8th Grade


7th Grade Stem Page

8th Grade Stem Page

Maker Space

Maker Space is an hour long after school workshop program, that runs Mondays through Fridays from 3:15 - 4:15, and provides students the opportunity to explore, invent, build, make, construct, fabricate and design anything and everything under the sun! Our Maker Space program is part of a larger Maker Space community (similar workshops at thousands of other schools, churches, and community centers) all over the world, and part of the larger Maker movement.

The Maker Space philosophy is that it is essentially kid run. My role is that of a facilitator or coach. Each session, I provide materials, and pose a problem (and usually provide an example solution or two). Its up to the students to solve the problem - using their own creativity and imagination. I'm there to provide support and feedback, coach students on how to use tools and materials, but never to solve the problem for them, or tell them what to design. In time, we'll connect with other Maker Spacers, and form creative collaborations and community connections.

I'm sure you'll agree, Maker Space is a great way for our students to end their school day. (The fact that they line up at the door waiting impatiently to come in - speaks for itself).

Maker Space - Marble Run 1st to 4th grades
Maker Space - Rocket Ship Workshop Update
Maker Space - Magnetic Robot Workshop(s) Update
Maker Space - First Grade Bugs Workshop Update
Maker Space – Marble Run Workshop Update
Maker Space - Robot Marionettes
Maker Space - Light Saber Movie Props
Maker Space - Corkman, Flying Saucers, and Marshmallow Pop-Ups

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