Preschool Director's letter

Let's take the journey together,

Your child's first years of school are filled with many astonishing moments. The preschool years are a time of formidable development: spiritual, social, emotional, physical, and intellectual growth. These years come and pass by so quickly.

Riviera Hall Lutheran Preschool cherishes these years and we focus on the skills learned at this stage - knowing what sounds the letter A makes or adding 2 + 2 . We know the development of these skills will set up the child for a lifetime of learning.

Preschool  looks like fun and games (music, Storytime, dancing, art, gardening) but there's a concentrated effort of brainwork happening.  Children learn through play and creative activity, so your preschooler's play dough, dress up costumes, blocks, cars and train tracks aren't just “toys” -  they're teaching problem solving, physics,  pattern recognition and so much more.

The preschool years are also a time for establishing valuable learning habits and positive self-esteem. If the child feels good about who they are, and feels proud (even when they make a mistake) then that sense of accomplishment will drive everything into place and the child will be set up for a love of learning to last a lifetime.

Riviera Hall Lutheran Preschool is committed to providing a safe, caring Christian environment that will better ensure the overall success of the child for their future.

Welcome to Riviera Hall Lutheran Preschool, we can’t wait to share these years with you as we cherish each and every moment.


Dorian Theberge

Preschool Director


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