Social Studies

Sixth Grade Social Studies:

Journey Across Time: The Early Ages provides an inside look at everything from ancient civilizations to the Enlightenment. The textbook starts with nomadic hunting tribes and quickly transitions to the early civilizations and agriculture of Egypt, Mesopotamia, and Israel. The next journey students will take is to the classical world of Greek and Roman society. Students will learn about the intellectual aspects of these societies, as well as, how the government was shaped. Religion is also a key component of this social studies book and analyzes Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism, Hinduism, and Islam. The middle ages are the last journey the students will take and the focus will be on Chinese, Japanese, and African civilizations. Sixth graders will analyze, interpret, and make predictions about primary and secondary sources that they read along the way.

6th Grade Lesson Calendar

Seventh Grade Social Studies:

Discovering Our Past: A History of the World connects students to the stories of the past and focuses on the Rise and Fall of Rome all the way to Age of Exploration. The main focus will be on “empires,” and the students will take an in-depth look at how they rise and fall. We will start with how Rome evolved to become one of the greatest empires in the history of the world and how their downfall also happened to other empires.

7th Grade Lesson Calendar

Eighth Grade Social Studies:

The American Journey takes students on an adventure to the American story. The textbook will start with the end of the Age of Exploration and cover everything in between until the 20th Century. Students will start with explorers such as Columbus, Cortes, and Hudson and learn how they helped take and claim land for their respective countries. Students will then learn about the British and how their rule of the original colonies fueled a revolution within the people. This revolution led to a new nation and a giant question mark about how to run a brand new country. Students will analyze how the Founding Fathers shaped this country and created a constitution. Finally, students will interpret how the young country expanded westward and the troubles it faced along the way.

8th Grade Lesson Calendar

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