Why a private school?

Numerous research studies have confirmed that independent school models like Riviera Hall deliver greater outcomes in terms of both education and preparation. The impact of smaller class sizes, child-centered curricula, social environments, and extensive resources is clear:

  • Private school students generally perform higher than their public school counterparts on standardized achievement tests.
  • Students placed in small classes in Grades K-3 have better high school graduation rates, higher grade point averages, and are more inclined to pursue higher education.
  • Small class sizes and the retention of highly effective teachers have been linked to the quality of education in the early grades.
  • Students and parents who remain in a K-8 school for nine years are more likely to build and maintain more positive relationships with teachers over time and maintain higher levels of parental involvement than the typical middle school.
  • Placing students in small groups tends to foster close working relation­ships between teachers and students, thus enhancing learning particularly among those in the early grades.
  • A statistically significant achievement loss has been associated with the transition from elementary to middle school at the sixth grade (when compared to K-8 schools that did not have a transition after sixth grade).
  • Private school graduates are more likely than their peers from public schools to have completed advanced-level courses in three academic subject areas.
  • Private school students are more likely than public school students to complete a bachelor’s or advanced degree by their mid-20s.
  • More than three-quarters of private school parents are “very satisfied” with their child’s school compared with less than half of parents whose children were assigned to a public school.


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