Outdoor Education

In addition to our outdoor education program, our students enjoy several class field trips each year. We also present grades four, five and six with in school interactive social studies trips called “The Walk-Thru Series.” Fourth grade participates in Walk thru California, Fifth grade learns about the Revolution while being a part of Walk thru the Revolution and Sixth grade enjoys Walk thru Ancient Times. All three of these programs enhance and enrich our social studies curriculum.

  • Grades four through eight participate in extended educational excursions.
  • The fourth grade visits the Sacramento area, visiting the seat of state government and recreating the experiences of the gold mining era.
  • Our fifth grade retreats at Thousand Pines Christian Camp in Crestline. While away the students work together to overcome challenges, spend time in fellowship, and bond with nature.
  • Sixth grade attends Astro Science Camp in Idyllwild, where students study the stars, experience weightlessness in a pool and perform many scientific experiments.
  • Seventh grade sails to the Catalina Island Marine Institute. At this camp our students snorkel, study marine life, and hike surrounding areas.
  • Finally, eighth grade spends time together on the East Coast, traveling through Boston, New York, the Amish country of Pennsylvania and Washington, DC. Each eighth grade class chooses their destinations at the beginning of their eighth grade school year.
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