Each year, the week prior to Christmas vacation, Riviera Hall students perform a Christmas Musical celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior. We hold two performances, a matinee at 1:30pm and our evening performance at 5:00 pm. A most touching moment is when our alumni join the student body in singing “Silent Night”.

Coming soon... our 2023 Christmas Program "In a Galilee Far, Far Away"


Other traditional events include:

Pancake Breakfast- Time to come out and celebrate the beginning of the school year.

Jog-a-thon- Every Fall students participate in a jog-a-thon to help raise funds for our athletic department.

Harvest Festival– A  Fall celebration of Harvest Time.  Students and parents share a fun filled morning together dressed in costume and enjoy carnival games and bounce houses.

Variety Show– A Spring Showcase of talent as students are encouraged to perform to an audience comprised of students, staff, parents, community and church members.

End of the Year Party – Traditionally this fun-packed evening takes place on our campus or at the park.  Games and fun make this fun for all to enjoy.

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