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Greetings to RHLS parents and families from your new STEM teacher. We're off to an exciting year of exploratory learning and creativity that will include science, technology, engineering, and math. We'll include art as well (I love drawing), and so technically I may actually be your new STEM teacher!

I bring a lifetime of passion for design, engineering, and creativity with me every day I walk through the gates of Riviera Hall. One of my goals will be to help your child find their passions while seeing my passion. I believe there's creativity in everyone. And I believe it's the teachers role to unlock the door to that creativity.

- My five years in aerospace engineering taught me about the possibilities of space flight and how we can travel to the stars - perhaps your child may dream to be an astronaut!


- My five years designing Xerox machines taught me how to design a product experience - perhaps your child may dream to become an industrial designer!


scuba- My five years designing scuba gear for US Divers was probably my greatest learning experience. There, Jacques Cousteau taught me how to blend engineering and esthetics, with a love of the ocean and its wonderful creatures. Perhaps your child may dream to be an ocean explorer!




- My five years designing E-Z Up Shelters taught me about the mechanics of simple machines and mechanisms - perhaps your child may dream to be a mechanical designer!



- My five years designing respiratory face masks at Moldex-Metric taught me how to serve as researcher, engineer, designer, and test engineer. Perhaps your child may dream to be an expert in ergonomics or anthropometrics!


Another of my goals will be to teach your children how to think like designers and engineers. Known as "design thinking", it's an approach to solving problems that includes targeted  research, blue sky exploration and inquisitiveness, constant iteration, and the early creation of mock-ups and models to prove (or disprove) assumptions and concepts.


It includes a philosophy that designers and engineers need to fail early and often - and by doing so - only then can they create truly innovative solutions.


So, join with me and your children on this journey of discovery and wonder that we are only just beginning. You never know. Your child may grow up to be the next Jacques Cousteau or the next Sally Ride!

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