2nd Grade Stem

Its taken a while to publish these pics, but I wanted to show the following projects from last year's Second Grade STEM, which amounted to what I can only describe as a "design tour de force"!  As always, the focus had been on problem solving and design creativity -

The first project "problem" for the Second Graders was to create some type of design solution that would prevent "Play-mobile" characters from getting wet in a rain storm. Students could use a limited variety of materials - and had limited time to design their creations. Having designed products for over thirty years, I was completely bowled over (and I'm sure you will too) by the work of these "at the time" Second Graders.

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The second project "problem" was the result of problems the students were having with the graduated cylinders they were using for evaporation experiments. The students had issues with measuring the amount of water (could not see the lines easily), recording the proper water volume (could not read the numbers easily, and could not discern which line applied to which number), and above all, could not see the water clearly through the translucent walls of the device. Interestingly, the students had great issue with filling the device with a prescribed amount of water - because of the back and forth nature of using it (adding too much, then pouring out too much, etc).

The results were simply AMAZING! The Dazzling Design Award went to the student whose design included a valve at the bottom of the cylinder that could be opened to lower the water level to the proper level!  First year industrial design students in college would have a run for their money...

WP_20160104_001 WP_20160104_002 WP_20160104_004 WP_20160104_003 WP_20160104_006 WP_20160104_007 WP_20160120_001WP_20160203_001 WP_20160203_003 WP_20160204_018 WP_20160127_002 WP_20160127_003 WP_20160127_004

This year's Second Graders are equally creative!
Their first project "problem" was to solve the age old frustration of ice cream dripping down an ice cream cone.  Using a limited collection of materials, the students created a variety of innovative solutions (a particularly innovative design was the "ice cream burrito" at lower left) - and enjoyed the test phase especially!
WP_20170125_001 WP_20170125_002 WP_20170125_003 WP_20170125_004



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