5th Grade Stem

The 5th Grade team of designers and engineers had the final Design Reviews for their "How to Get to School and Back" inventions this last week, capping off the Design Process with the Explain Phase.

Each explained what fuel powered their inventions, how they ensured safety for their passengers, and why their invention is the best way to get to school and back.

Each had mounted the five views (front, top, bottom, left side, right side) of their invention onto a box for display, combined with the five phases of the Design Process as a background.

If you have a chance, check out the design gallery in the STEM room, where over 100 designs (just like these) from four different grades are currently displayed!

Traveling to and from school in a tiny toy car, saves on fuel, gets one through traffic faster, and fits inside a standard fifth grade locker!

With the Rocket Bed Helicopter, there's no need to get out of bed to go to school! Simply press a convenient button, enter your destination, and you're whisked off to school in luxurious linens!

5th Grade Stem

Take a ride on the Rocket Powered Suitcase, and be zipped off to school and back in rich Corinthian Leather.
5th Grade Stem

Getting to school on the Underground Roller Coaster, has its ups and downs.
5th Grade Stem

The Flying Bottle is a self contained transportation machine. Solar powered, it provides 360 degree visibility during flight, with an air-tight seal!
5th Grade Stem

Traveling to and from school with MAC Facial Reducer is not only fast and safe, but gives your face a youthful glow that lasts for days!
5th Grade Stem

Getting to school and back via the Teleporter is the ultimate in futuristic travel! "Beam me up Scotty"!
5th Grade Stem

Who wouldn't want to travel to school and back in a Lip Stick Transport (by Maybelline).
5th Grade Stem

The Warp Chair offers seating comfort, and time warp efficiency in travel!
5th Grade Stem

It's the ultimate in scenic travel in the new Modular Bubble Car. Just sit back and enjoy a video game, or the latest reality television!
5th Grade Stem

Jet setting fifth graders the world over, will flock to the latest Personal Jet, in school and back transportation. Flight instruction sold separately.
5th Grade Stem

The Personal Bubble provides safe, easy, and fast transportation to and from school. You'll arrive and depart in style, just like Glenda from the Wizard of Oz. Crown and magic wand optional.

Fifth Grade STEM students are currently studying ROBOTICS and AUTOMATION, through a series of hands on developmental projects.


The first project, a MECHANICAL HAND made completely out of paper and string, taught the students about how the human hand works (as an example of human engineering), and how to build a paper model and practice craftsmanship.

The students ultimately mounted their "mechanical hand" as an extension to their own arm, and turned the device into a working prosthesis. The students then tested the prosthesis, in its ability to perform basic tasks (picking up wads of paper, small objects, large objects, etc).

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