Student Supply List

Please bring all of these supplies the first day of school. Thank you.
1- 2 in. Binder
at least 8 dividers for binder
2- packets of loose paper (perferably wide-ruled / but college-ruled is fine too)
5- spiral notebooks (2 have to be at least 150 pages)
1- graph notebook
1- 4x6 index cards
1- pencil sharpener 
at least 1- eraser for pencils 
1- scissors 
1- ruler with both inches and centimeters 
1- packet of markers 
3 highlighters of different colors (ex: yellow, orange, pink, blue, green, etc.- important for note taking)
12 pencils- either mechanical or wood 
4- glue sticks 
4- whiteboard markers and some sort of eraser (sock is fine) 
at least 6 erasable pens of either blue or black ink (these pens are very important and most students seem to need more than 6)
at least 4 red pens for correcting 
6 large book covers (these do not need to be purchased, but some parents prefer to buy them. If so, please purchase them and have them on the first week of school.)
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